Building a Roadmap for Your Freelance Career

roadmapIt’s easy to love the flexibility, autonomy and self-direction that a freelance career offers, yet the lack of a well-defined career path can make freelancing feel like treading water. If you want to make more money or move up the ladder, you have to make it happen yourself. But how do you move up the ladder when you don’t know where the rungs are? What does career growth look like to a freelancer?

Anne Sasso and I are presenting an interactive session at this year’s Science Writers conference to tackle career issues for freelancers. At this mini-workshop, we’ll discuss career planning strategies and present solutions to career quandaries submitted by attendees. But we need your help. Tell us what you want to learn. Send us your questions and quandaries. Leave your suggestions in the comments here.


Photo by Charles Nadeau, via Flickr.