Stalking my dinner

Photo Oct 25, 8 03 19 (1)A few years ago, I decided to take up hunting. This was kind of a big deal, because I’d spent the first decade-plus of my adult life as vegetarian. I became a big game hunter for the same reason I raise chickens — to know where my food comes from and ensure that it’s raised and harvested humanely. I figure if I’m not willing to kill it myself, I have no business eating it.

I spent last weekend elk hunting. It was an amazing, wonderful, addictive experience that I wrote about at Last Word On Nothing. Read the full story here.

1 thought on “Stalking my dinner”

  1. Christie,

    Loved your article on FiveThirtyEightScience about gun sales and wildlife conservation. So few conservationists & ecologists, know about the immense financial effect that the Pittman-Robertson Act has for wildlife. The Dingell-Johson Act also is huge for fisheries conservation. I have yet to find a Environmental Science, Biology or Ecology textbook that mentions either act. Your article below reflects the impact very well. I will be sharing it with my students today. I hope you get it published with other major media sources. I’d love to read more of your articles. Send me a link.


    Dave Valle
    Portola High
    AP Environmental Science

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