3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Times: The Trouble With Mammograms”

  1. So what is a body to do? I had my first lumpectomy due to DCIS @ 2002. I am currently scheduled for my second lumpectoy due to the diagnosis of LCIS in late 2013. My surgeon’s reply to “What if I decide NOT to have surgery but to be followed closely?” was that he “would not kick me out of his practice.” In my gut, I feel there is no need to further mutilate my breast. He is a highly regarded surgeon whom I like, that said, I do believe that surgeon’s are predisposed to perform surgery. It is what they do. With all of this information regarding mammography in the headlines, I am more confused than ever. I do not have the resources to seek 2nd or 3rd opinions. I have no known family history of breast cancer.

    1. Kathy,
      your experience illustrates how difficult these decisions are in real life. I just wrote a piece about DCIS. Some experts are arguing that it’s time to remove the word “carcinoma” from the name. There are no easy answers in situations like yours. I wish you all the best.

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